“In Waves” – the new Neffle album, out 17th May

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In Waves is a hypnotic journey through psychedelic soundscapes. Following on from the crusty, decidedly lo-fi sounds of The Third Space, we decided to pursue a similar vibe, but with a lighter mood and a more refined sound. The result is a downtempo trip, perfect for late night listening. In Waves maintains the spontaneity typical of Neffle tunes, but brings with it a little polish, tighter focus and an expansive, enveloping atmosphere.

Neffle is a long-running collaborative project started in 2014 by myself and Tom Pritchard. In Waves is the latest album to be released under the Neffle moniker, and is an album that we’re both proud to be releasing on the 17th May via Bandcamp and most other major streaming & digital services.

In the meantime, you can pre-order In Waves from Bandcamp – although the album will be available as a pay-what-you-want release from the 17th, pre-orders will gain immediate access to two tracks from the album (“Distant Flame” and “In Waves”, both of which can be played via the player above).

In a first for a Neffle release, both myself and Tom will be talking about all things Neffle via a series of posts coming shortly. We took a rather different approach to producing this particular album when compared to prior Neffle releases, so we figured this would be an excellent opportunity to talk about what exactly Neffle is, and how the album was put together – among other things.

In Waves is available to pre-order now – pre-orders will gain immediate access to two tracks from the album. In Waves will be available to download in the format of your choice as a pay-what-you-want release on the 17th May via the Neffle Bandcamp page, and will also be available to stream & download from a wide variety of digital distribution outlets.

Civil Protection – The Lines Are Drawn EP out now

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Their hometowns spanning the length of the United Kingdom, the members of Civil Protection can claim to bring with them an equally diverse range of influences. From the pulsing industrial anthems of Nine Inch Nails to the ethereal soundscapes of The American Dollar, this Yorkshire-based band have set about fusing these electronic elements with the more organic characteristics of ‘Rock Action’ era Mogwai. Taking an experimental approach to writing akin to that of Tool, Civil Protection aim to create songs as accessible as they are rich, and as beautiful as they are haunting.

As some of you may or may not be aware, I’m the vocalist/songwriter/general producer-type guy in a band called Civil Protection. We’ve been together as a band in one form or another since 2010, and after much shedding of blood, sweat and tears (oh, the blood) we’ve finally put together a 4-track EP titled The Lines Are Drawn, which we have released for free via Bandcamp. Because we’re nice like that. The style is considerably heavier than my usual output, so I recommend playing this at an incredibly loud volume at a particularly anti-social time of day/night to enhance the experience for all concerned. Long-time listeners might recognise the EP opener (albeit in a considerably re-worked form).

Although the EP itself is completely free, if you choose to throw any moneys our way then we’ll send you a code which will allow you to download a selection of extra bonus tracks as our way of saying thanks.

It’s quite a departure from my usual electronic-heavy output, and I’m really happy to finally be sharing this with you all. Give it a whirl, I’d love to know what you think of it!

You can also find The Lines Are Drawn on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and – soon – Spotify.


Webcast coming up – May 5th, 8pm CET

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So, a select group of you may have heard about Propellerhead Software‘s upcoming Music Making Month.  Well, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I’ll be one of the artists involved in giving a demonstration about what I do, as well as providing some neat percussive/sequencing tips along the way.

So, I’ll be on air at 8pm CET on Thursday 5th May. I’ll be providing a link to the webcast when I know more, but feel free to drop in and ask me some awkward questions!

In other news, I’ve recently started work on a production album (ten tracks, roughly 2 minutes 30 seconds each) for TV/radio/film use. This is unrelated to album #3, which is coming along nicely (albeit slowly). Needless to say I’ve been more than a little busy lately, and I apologise for the delay in posts to this website… but, as they say, no news is good news. When you start seeing daily updates to this site, that’s when you’ve got to worry :]

For more sporadic updates, don’t forget about my Twitter feed and Facebook music page.