Lightfields: out now

It gives me great pleasure to announce that my second album Lightfields has now officially been released!

Lightfields is the sophomore artist album of UK-based electronic musician Adam Fielding, written and recorded from 2008-2010 and released in September 2010.

Building on his debut album Distant Activity, Adam weaves a delicate balance of incredible production prowess, live instrumentation and emotional songwriting, resulting in a remarkably accessible listen while boasting a startling amount of depth. From the driven, mangled beats of The Initiation through to the off-kilter synth-rock of The Same Mistakes, listeners are treated to a consistently organic record with more than a few surprises along the way.

Lightfields strikes a creative balance between artistic development, memorable songwriting and accessibility, resulting in an album that revels in cutting-edge production and artistic expression.”

So there you have it! The album itself has certainly been a long time coming, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. Lightfields will be available via iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and Spotify (among others) in the near future, and can also be streamed in its entirety and purchased via the following link:

A Magnatune release is due on the 11th September, so if you happen to be a member then keep your eyes peeled.

You can also stream it via the music page on this site or, handily, using the following player:

I’d love to know what you make of the album itself – a huge thanks to both everyone involved in the production of the album and to everyone who has ever supported me along the way are in order, so thank you all so much. Without you this album would simply not have been possible. Thank you.


13 thoughts on “Lightfields: out now

    1. Thanks Shahid – it’s certainly quite different to DA, that’s for sure. I figured that writing “Distant Activity 2” would be a bit of a cop out, so I think a few listeners will be in for a surprise. A pleasant surprise, I hope!

  1. The change in direction compliments Distant Activity. Lightfields definitely shows your growth in production skills and songwriting. I’m really enjoying it. I think my favorite song is The Initiation.

    1. Cheers Carl!

      The progression from Distant Activity to Lightfields is something that a few people have commented upon… initially I was a little worried that the progression would seem quite jarring as the two albums are quite different – both thematically and stylistically – but, as you said, in retrospect they’re actually quite complementary.

  2. Adam, “The Sky Is Silent” really is the perfect conclusion to to your new album.

    It warmly reminds me of when I first started discovering and focusing on this genre of music back in 2001 and hence I bought Chicane’s “Behind The Sun” album which really was my first kind of awakening into this realm of music.

    “The Sky Is Silent” certainly provides me with fond memories of “Overture” from that album. I always get a great sense of emotional attachment to this type of music, and thank god it exists! It really is a great piece you wrote there.

    Again, congrats on the wonderful album.Every song is perfected designed and well crafted provoking the necessary varied emotional responses of its audience to the fullest extent, as I am sure you intended it to achieve. Personal favorites are……ALL OF THEM!!!

    Good show Maestro!!

    1. Thank you Brendan! A good friend of mine described “The Sky Is Silent” as being a bit like a micro-cosm of the entire album, which was great to hear because that’s exactly what I was going for – a semi-recognisable reprise of sorts after the final outburst of “For What Remains”. Really glad to hear you liked the album as a whole – cheers!

  3. Adam – This album is brilliant. I’m listening to the Bandcamp stream right now, and you have become one of my favourite artists after listening to just the three first songs on ‘Ligthfields’. I am gonna buy the album as soon as I can, but I’ll have to upgrade to Reason 5 first. 🙂

    I am not kidding you – This album has given and will give me further inspiration and motivation to work my arse off on the album I’m working on.

    Thank you for creating this masterpiece! 😀

    1. Thanks for the kind words! R5 is a great upgrade, and I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with it – couldn’t have come out at a better time. Had it come out earlier in the year I never would have finished Lightfields… I’d have spent far too much time playing with Kong. Good luck with the album!

  4. Adam, you make great music, keep it going. Do you have Lighthouse in instrumental (no words)? I really like your music while I work, but words get in the way of thoughts.

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