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Current goings on and off

So, first up – the good news! My previously mentioned production album is progressing smoothly, with the bulk of the tracks completed and ready for some further tinkering. I’ve also recently started working on another patch design project and have been working on potential ideas and songs for album #3. You can listen to one of said ideas using the handy player below (or, indeed, here if the embedded player is giving you grief).

(edit: sorry, the preview is no longer representative of how the track sounds so I’ve taken it down -ad)

Unfortunately, I was ill for a few weeks which set me back a bit (glandular fever – which, for future reference, I wouldn’t recommend contracting) but I’m very much back on my feet now. Hooray!

3 thoughts on “Current goings on and off

  1. i found it “the best of “A.F.” for myself. So, as i understood it will be included only in the new album? I am asking because probably it will be possible to hear full version a bit earlier than you will finish the album?

  2. Amazing track, I’m looking forward to this one, the mad scientist of those glitchy type effects :D. It’s good you’re back on your feet man, we all hate being sick. Keep creating those amazing beatz.

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