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Reconstructed Textures – free Refill for Reason 5 users

Reconstructed Textures is a free Refill available to owners of Reason created using Reason 5. Some of the patches also make use of the ElectroMechanical Refill, which is free to registered users of Reason (if you’re not a registered user, I’m afraid I can’t help you there). You can download Reconstructed Textures here and use it in any of your productions, totally free of charge.

So, what is it? Reconstructed Textures consists of 26 Combinator-based ambient drones, each built using heavily processed samples found in the Factory Sound Bank & ElectroMechanical Refills. But why make a Refill using samples found in the Factory Sound Bank? Well… a little while back I was trying to remember how I created some of the droning sounds featured in one of the tracks on Distant Activity (the track in question being Travelling Light). There are some neat piano drones and reverse effects found in the intro, and – being as I wrote the original version of the track about half a decade ago – I’d forgotten where those sounds came from. After a quick examination, it turned out I’d taken some piano samples from the Factory Sound Bank and processed them. I thought it was a neat idea, so I figured “why not go beyond using just piano samples and see what else I could find in there?”.

All the Combinator patches start with FSB/EM samples – re-mapped, re-pitched, re-looped and layered up in an NN-XT. Then they’re processed with filters, distortion, EQ, compression, reverb, delay or whatever else I fancied doing at the time before being sent to the Combinator’s output where they’re mixed with more layered up, processed NN-XTs. It was an interesting exercise in creating unrecognisable sounds from stock banks as opposed to creating ambient textures from scratch using synths and external devices.

Fancy giving it a go? Download it from here. I’d love to know what you think.

10 thoughts on “Reconstructed Textures – free Refill for Reason 5 users

  1. Hi Adam,
    Just wanted to thank you personally for this refill, wonder stuff.
    On a side note I am just listening too the Dawn EP via your site and it has some truly inspirational moments and musical motifs. I know you are now signed to a label (if I recall correctly) but was curious from your end and view of the industry on which sells better, albums, singles or ep’s.
    My last release on iTunes has oddly enough only sold full copies.
    That said I am looking at changing my artist name – rereleasing the album as an EP instead and remixing/reworking the arrangements completely on 3 of the tracks, releasing those as free singles and doing a 5 track EP for my next release.
    Mind you, you’re probably to busy to reply to such things and now that I am in my 40’s I feel many musical opportunities have passed me by – still doesn’t mean I can’t release and compose material for the love of it.
    Best of luck with your career and I genuinely wish you all the best. You display a great deal of talent and always display a great level of professionalism in your dealings with others (I was always a bit to hot headed in my 20’s and now I’ve mellowed much indeed).
    Anyway thanks for you time, efforts and music. I’ll be purchasing the other albums once I get a new iPod (my Classic was stolen in Canada last month) ……..but I digress.

  2. This is the kind of thing I would love to answer in great detail, but it would be an essay’s worth of material.

    Simply put – I think albums are still the way forward, and I (personally) consider albums to be far more worthy of my listening than singles and EPs. EPs are good as a proving ground for future ideas, but full-length albums are far more successful in fleshing out ideas and emotions. Financially, Distant Activity & Lightfields have been more successful for me – but that’s because my EP releases have been (and will always remain) free. Singles have become a means to promote the individual artist and are more of a promotional tool than anything else. I have nothing against singles, but I would not go out of my way to release an independent single.

    I think the free-EP/paid-LP model is a good one to work from, but I love the idea of releasing an LP for free to reach the maximum number of listeners and then offering premium content on top of the free release. Not only do you reach the maximum number of listeners (which is, surely, the point of releasing music in the first place!), but you reward those truly love your music enough to pay for it. That’s the kind of release model that gets me excited.

  3. Adam,
    Wow and thank you. Some very insightful feedback there I must say.
    (Kindly and graciously appreciated too I might add).
    Many thanks for the the considered reply and while one could write an essays worth of material on the subject I must say you raise some salient points indeed.
    All the best with your next major release and keep it up. You produce and compose some wonderfully inspirational work.
    Many thanks,

  4. I would love to try this Refill, as I am writing a book about quality Refills, But when i attempt a download, i get machine code; I am using Safari 6 on OSX Lion.
    Strangely I am unable to download the demo refills from Jiggery Pokery samples, I just get machine code when I try.
    well it is probably not machine code, but it is programming code of some sort – I am a registered reason 7 user.

  5. Thanks, but the problem was my IP – eircom :(- but when i fired up my 3.ie key, all was well ! All the JP samples downloaded too, I look forward to reviewing Reconstructed Textures for my book Refill Yourself, my personal guide to Reason Refills. I cover free and commercial Refills, the orchestral section alone will cover 9 different Refills!

  6. I foresee a commercial version of this superb Refill – once i had downloaded the ElectroMachine Refill, which is also amazing, I was exploring RT – my review is positive to say the least! I think the patch ‘Ganymede’ is so good that it could have come out of a very expensive Kontakt library, like from Project Sam! But all the patches are perfect for ambient, chill, trip hop, not to mention useful for film and games scoring! One of the best Refills around.

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