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Ambient selection in the works

Earlier in the year I started working on a selection of atmospheric ambient songs – more specifically, ambient re-workings of songs from Lightfields. I was between projects (album 3 notwithstanding – I’m still working on that!) and I’d been wanting to get back into writing something really “visual” and atmospheric for a while. I didn’t really have any particular goal in mind when I started out – I toyed with the idea of getting an EP’s worth of material put together and released, but I had no idea how or when.

Since then, this ambient EP has grown considerably and is now coming in at about 50 minutes in length with a mix of ambient re-workings and original songs. What started as a project purely for the sake of writing music that I wanted to write has kind of taken on a life of its own, and I’m really happy with how it’s all turning out. I’ve got some artwork ready to roll (courtesy of a photo taken by Tom Pritchard in 2010) and right now I’m still writing music for this project. As for how or when I’m actually going to release it, I honestly have no idea. Right now I’m focussing on getting it completed – once it’s in a finished state I’ll have a good long think about how best to go about releasing it.

Below is one of the original songs from the EP/album/project – I’d love to know what you think!

I’ll post more news regarding this project once I have something more concrete in place.

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