Heavy Production Album and a new remix

I’ve been talking a lot about a heavy production album that I’ve been working on since late last year. I finished working on the musical aspect of the album last last month and, handily, since then it has found a home thanks to the kind folks at Liftmusic. What this means is that it will be fulfilling its original purpose and should be available to music supervisors and producers for use in TV, film and advertising. Which is great!

However, since I started talking about it (and started posting snippets on-line) a few people had expressed an interest in listening to it. Alas, due to the nature of the release it will not be seeing a public release.

Also, I’ve just completed another remix for Solarswarm which I’ve just submitted and I’ve been getting some incredible feedback so far. I’ll be sharing more news once everything’s finalised but I’m really excited about this one as I genuinely think this is some of my best remix work to date. Stay tuned!

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