Icarus album: Four weeks to go!

After a long wait, I’m proud to announce that my third full-length original album¬†Icarus is out in just under four weeks! This is preceded by the release of the first single from the album,¬†Icarus. The single features the title track along with five remixes, spanning a wide range of genres from breaks through to house along with a film-score inspired take on the track. Both the single and album feature the incredible talents of The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

The album follows the same genre-spanning trend as the single and my previous albums, drawing inspiration from rock, classical, breaks, synth-pop, ambient and various other forms of electronic music. Spanning twelve tracks and clocking in at just under seventy minutes, it’s a rather epic musical journey that I am particularly proud of. With it being the culmination of just under three years worth of preparation, writing, performance and production, I am incredibly excited to finally have this chance to share it with you all.

The album will be released in both digital and physical formats. Full album lyrics and detailed information will be available from this site following the release of the album.

3 thoughts on “Icarus album: Four weeks to go!

  1. Congrats! Been looking forward to this one.. heard one of the Icarus remixes and it sounds like a killer, can’t wait to hear some of the other gems.

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