Propellerhead Reason artist feature

As you may or may not know already, I tend to use Reason an awful lot in my own music – whether it’s solo works or production music, Reason pretty much forms the backbone for everything I do these days. In this video I talk a little bit about my background, my Reason use, some of the sounds I use, and I also dissect one of my production tunes, quickly detailing my process when it comes to quickly getting ideas down and fleshed out.

Huge thanks to Ryan and the folks over at Propellerhead Software for putting this together!

There’s a little bit of amusing history behind this video, as well – I’d originally been interviewed by Ryan in late 2010 for an artist feature in 2011 but, unfortunately, this fell through as a result of Record & Reason being merged into one product line. During my original interview I’d made constant references to using Record & Reason together, so my interview was more or less obsolete within a couple of months of me doing it. Whoops! Thankfully, we did a new interview in late 2012, and I made sure to avoid mentioning anything besides Reason… though the temptation to jokingly mention that I’d switched over to Rebirth was pretty tempting.

You can check out the music featured in the video (including a free download of The Steady Climb) via the Soundcloud player below.

2 comments to Propellerhead Reason artist feature

  • Oh, my…Rebirth…ProTracker…”the scene” back in the 90’s. So many memories. *in GlaDos voice* – “Feeling old now, thanks to you.” Nice you mentioned all that.

    • It’s amazing how many people have come from a similar sort of background, especially in the world of Reason – I had no idea ex-tracker users were so prevalent in the Reason community until that artist feature went up. Great to know there are plenty of us out there, still! :]

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