“Are You With Me” – free single, out now!

“Are You With Me” is the latest single release from Adam Fielding. Featuring two very different takes on the same material, “Are You With Me” showcases two distinct sides of Fielding’s compositional style.

The original mix fuses Fielding’s signature atmospherics with a dark groove, which – together with some huge vocals and a warm melodic flourish – provide a unique exploration into an evocative progressive house style.

The soundtrack edit strips back the original mix in a style reminiscent of Fielding’s previous work on the album “And All Is As It Should Be”. Rebuilding the track from the ground up with a strong organic focus, the soundtrack edit is a showcase for Fielding’s affinity toward deeply emotive ambient music and soundscapes.

Rounding off the single is an instrumental version of the original mix, shifting the focus away from the vocals and back to the intricate attention to detail found in the electronic instrumentation & production throughout the original mix.

I am pleased to announce the release of my free single, Are You With Me, which is now available to download for free via my Bandcamp page. I have also made stems available to anyone interested in putting a remix together, which you can download either directly, via Soundcloud, or as a .torrent courtesy of Mininova.

The single is also available via most popular digital distribution services, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon et al. You can listen to the single in full via the player below.

Merry Christmas!

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