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I have been releasing music as a solo musician on-line since 2003, and since 2008 have been releasing a series of solo singles/EPs/albums. You can find out more about each official release and listen to music from each by clicking the relevant release below.

All of my independent releases are available via Bandcamp.


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    1. Hi Matthew, thanks for the kind words.

      As for whether I use any other software – Reason (and Record) still form a large part of my setup, though I don’t use them exclusively. On Lightfields I used a combination of Record, Reason, Reaktor, Alchemy and a healthy amount of recorded instruments. The mixing and sequencing took part primarily in Record, though.

  1. Hey! I’ve actually been following your website since I stumbled across you back in 2007, and I have to admit I was sad to see the streaming music disappear on the main page (it gave browsing an ambient atmosphere)–but I’m glad you still have samples up!

  2. Hi Adam, just wanted to say thank you for your Lightfields album. I found it through Magnatune and absolutely love it. It is so rare to find an artist who can crate such a grasping melody like The Initiation and powerful lyrics in other songs. Can’t wait to hear more of your songs! :o)

  3. Hey Adam. While the new site is less ‘ambient,’ I certainly like the old magnatune-like way I can buy your music. Magnatune switched from the ability to buy an individual album a day or two before I decided to buy Distant Activity! Finally purchased and downloading now. I should probably acknowledge you and Distant Activity in my dissertation given that it’s almost always playing while I’m working on the maths. Enjoying your new stuff too. Keep it up!


  4. your music is remarkable, amazing, fantastic…just stick in a positive adjective and that describes your music. im looking forward to buying your music. stay amazing always.

    with love,

  5. Really amazing stuff, i haven’t felt anything like this since i first heard Hybrid and Booka Shade, thx, Adam! Hope you’ll create a lot of fantastic music! Good luck, man! 😉

  6. Hey Adam!

    greatings from Russia! And i am very sorry for my stupid english.

    So few words to you. THANK YOU!!!
    I have been looking for this type of sound many years, in alot of subwaves of eletronic music, and finaly! finaly i find yours tracks. First i met DISTANT ACTIVIY album. And “busy lives” and “i am falling”, just hit me in heart! Yep, you only one who got myself by sound, its so amazing when i am listening yours tracks… there is everything is present, no “unrequired” vocals and tones… It totaly epic. so fantastic minor! And i like yours vocal stuff! is it yours voice? brilliant accent, dream for me) and one more time, THANK YOU for these most epic drops EVER.. i am falling….

  7. Hey, hey!

    Hope you are ok Adam!

    Please a bit more question!

    Wich musical education you have?

    Wich part of England you came?

    So perfect sound, and what point of yours art? I mean, you sound like best of david bowe, bjork and hybryd probably.. But its just my opinion, so can you tell plese 2 of yours favorite artists?

    And last question. sorry) Distant activity. Why so painfull lyrics? Ahh, it so nice. But anyway?


    1. I studied music production at university for four years in Huddersfield, but prior to that I had no formal musical education. I’ve never received any formal classical/instrument training, so – for the most part – I’m self-taught. I’m originally from a place in Suffolk called Lakenheath (next to a US air-force base) but, since finishing university, I’ve lived and worked in Huddersfield. As for my favourite artists.. you already named one with Hybrid whose music I absolutely love, and another particular favourite band of mine would be Iris (the US synth-rock/pop band, not the Romanian metal band!) but I draw influence and inspiration from a broad range of artists. As for the lyrical content of Distant Activity… well, the overall theme is based around the idea of finding a sort of redemption and beauty in the face of abject isolation so, as a result, the lyrics definitely lean towards the darker end of the spectrum in places. The overall message shouldn’t be taken as being a hugely pessimistic view of the world – far from it, really – but I liked the idea of combining something that sounded uplifting and pleasant with darker concepts and themes.

      1. Ahh, Iris…such great guys.

        If you haven’t already, you should contact Iris synth-meister Andrew Sega – I bet he’d be interested in a collaboration. I’m pretty sure he’s the guy who told me about your stuff. 🙂

        1. Thanks Eric! I actually sent Andrew a pre-release copy of my second album just before I released it and was pretty thrilled to find out that he liked it. I’d love to work on a collaboration in the future but, unfortunately, I’m pretty swamped at the moment (and, truth be told, I’m generally pretty terrible when it comes to collaborating). It’s something I’ll certainly bear in mind though as it’s something I’d absolutely love to do.

  8. thanks adam!
    satisfied with answer about “no pessimistic”. because its one way, to the bottom i think so. sorry, just opinion.
    I using the one point also, when its a brake. With the first girl in your life, and that is what happening inside i ofen put into notes, but its a bit CRACKLE to get in these mood always before work.

    ps. sory for lot of words, just cant not use these fantstic possobilty, i am no alloed to be a “fan”, but you art is absolutely became a part of me. hope you will experiment with phat basslines but still nice and soft drum/percussive. hehe, i am sorry

    wish you huge future with music!


  9. I know that the amount of musical experience you have isn’t really a determining factor in how talented you can/will be, so I don’t mean to be naive. I was wondering how many total combined years of musical experience you have? I’m not really talking about your earlier projects as this was merely a hobby for you. I mean, how long you have been seriously self teaching yourself? Thanks in advance for your response. I’ve been studying music theory for about 6 months now and don’t want to feel like it’s an impossibility for me to discover myself within it. I’m a little older than most people who begin studying music.

    1. That’s quite a difficult question to answer, I’m afraid. It went a bit beyond being a hobby around 2002/2003, but even prior to that I spent a huge amount of my spare time writing. I’m still a lot more comfortable around a sequencer and piano roll (and, to an extent, trackers) than standard notation, simply because I tend to learn more by actually doing rather than reading. Still, it sounds like you’re approaching self-teaching in a much more formal manner so I don’t think my experience would work as a direct comparison in any case.

  10. Thanks for responding at least. I’m hopefully going to be purchasing your new album today. Absolutely wonderful. Really inspiring for me as an aspiring musician. Thanks for that.

  11. Hey, Adam! I’ve loved your music ever since my boyfriend first had me listen to you! 🙂
    I have a question (that I asked on facebook, but am too impatient to wait to get out of school to see the response). Would I be able to, perhaps, buy a CD from you in which you’re written a small note to my boyfriend for his birthday?

      1. I didn’t get a response on facebook, unfortunately. :< Maybe it didn't work? An email would perhaps work. I can assume since you (most likely?) run this website, you can see my email address.

  12. Hi Adam,

    The CD’s arrived this morning; so nice to receive a little note with them. They have been played constantly on my journey to and from work all week, I love the richness of your soundscapes. The chords and progressions are so dense and emotive, great stuff.

    I was interested to see that you like the Trifon brothers, I first heard them on a CSI episode and had to find out more.

    Well thanks again and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Martin! Glad to hear they arrived safely – sorry about the delay, I’m not sure why they took so long to get there but I’m glad they did. I love Trifonic’s music, I first heard Parks on Fire on Hybrid’s Soundsystem 01 album and just had to check them out. The bonus commentary on Emergence is a really nice addition as well, the attention to detail is incredible. Very inspiring stuff.

  13. Hey Adam, not to worry about the delay, I had the instant downloads from the Bandcamp site. I’m just an old kind of analogue guy, I enjoy the physical merchandise and reading sleeve notes! I understand you have had Glandular Fever, hope you are on the mend.

    1. I’m feeling immeasurably better now, thanks for asking. I’m more of a CD person myself as well which, I must admit, weighed heavily in my decision to do CD releases for Distant Activity & Lightfields… but it’s nice to have the immediacy of a digital release as well!

  14. Hey Adam!

    1)Will you make a new tracks, or album probably? I mean not so far;))
    2)Do you have a booking? Where its possible to see it?

    wish you good summer!

    1. To answer your first question – yes, my third album is currently in the works and is due to be released through Distinctive (hopefully) next year.

      I’ve been writing a lot of music this year, but most of it has been for various projects (album 3, production album, demos, remixing, licensing) so it’ll be a while before any of it makes it’s way out there… and a good portion of it won’t be available publicly.

      As for style, that’s always a tricky one but I’ll go with electronic/downtempo/indie/dance for now as I’m not a massive fan of confining myself to one particular genre.

      Have a good summer yourself! :]

  15. Tons of luck to you! so warm because of yours easy way of talking and answering on boring questions.
    Addicted to yours tunes, waiting you in russia;)

  16. Hey Adam, I just found you through the reason tutorial and I must say I love your music – its very nice and inspiring… i like the way you did the vocals on from out of nowhere – thats inspired me in my own music to do something a little similar.. thankyou

  17. I found your work through the Dave’s Lounge podcast, stunning stuff with so many inherent nods to music I’ve liked over (gasp) the last thirty years. Even with all those nuances you have your own unique style and if I was going to compare your creations with just one mans work it would be the genius of Tony Mansfield. I think the Bandcamp and Creative Commons concepts are the way forward in music and digital creativity, keep up the good work Adam!

  18. Adam, I cannot tell you how excited I am to have discovered you. The whole ambient/chill/atmospheric electronic genre scene has recently become my favorite and I have been actively searching for more artists to follow and purchase from. Found you through magnatune after searching for online music stores that offer lossless downloads. Seeing as you use bandcamp, I can buy all your music in FLAC directly without having to go through multiple channels.

    Looking forward to the new album, even though I literally have only listened to half of your stuff.

    1. Thank you! That’s very kind of you to say, I’ve been working on some more chilled/ambient music lately and it’s nice to get back to my roots (in a sense). If you choose to listen to more of my music then I hope you enjoy the other half :]

  19. Hey Adam,

    Getting great pleasure from listening to your music on current release, you are one of the artist on my iPod I can return to with regularity and not tire of what I hear.

    That said, I have been listening to the clips of your forth coming material and am really excited at the prospect of a third Album. Your vocal delivery on Civil Protection seems to have taken a slightly new direction, is this a new sound or particular to this song?

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Martin, thanks for the kind words – glad you’re liking my music! As for the Civil Protection song – that’s more specific to that particular song, really. I’ve got a few clips of upcoming tracks from my third album on my Soundcloud page which should give you a better idea of what to expect from album 3 vocal-wise.

  20. Hey Adam

    Just want to say great music!! Your music inspired and motivated me through most of my 6 year Masters of Architecture degree.

    Now that I’m about to graduate, I just want to say a massive thank you for all your hard work.

    Keep the tunes coming 😀

        1. Wow, that’s fantastic – congratulations to you both, and thanks for letting me know! I’m thrilled that you’re playing my music at your wedding, that’s really cool :] I must admit I’m a little curious now though… which songs are you using, if you don’t mind me asking?

  21. Hi Adam,
    thank You for your music, it’s like a breath of fresh joy. Could You tell me what set of hardware / software do You use to compose your tracks ?

    Greetings from Poland and Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Adam, thanks for the kind words! I still use Reason heavily to write my music, but I also use Reaktor, Alchemy, EWQLSO and a few other software instruments (hosted by Cubase) to spice things up a bit outside of Reason. I also use an R-05 for field recording which is getting more and more use lately and a selection of mics and guitars for vocals and, well, guitars. One of these days I’ll put together a gear list somewhere on the site, but I’d say that Reason is still my number one weapon of choice.

  22. Adam, I recently discovered your music and have made myself a personal youtube playlist with numerous tracks from your “Chase The Light” album. Just recently, all of those particular songs are no longer available. Any idea as to what might’ve happened or is it just a youtube related problem?

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