The Dawn EP (2008)

The Dawn EP is a chilled/downtempo selection of works and was released as a free digital EP in early 2008 alongside the creation and production of Distant Activity. You can listen to and download it for free in your format of choice here.

In the second half of 2007, I had started to put some serious consideration into writing and releasing an album, setting myself a preliminary deadline of 2008 for the release of said album. I experimented with several different ideas, and had initially chosen to release an album of chilled works in the style of this release. However, as the production of said EP continued, I found myself drawn to different styles and possibilities and decided to head in a different direction for what would eventually become Distant Activity. This left me with a small selection of tracks written in 2007 which, despite my change in direction, I was particularly pleased with and wanted to release. As such, I decided to release The Dawn EP as a free EP prior to the release of Distant Activity as a small body of work in its own right which – in retrospect – provides an interesting insight into my mind-space prior to the decision to commence work on my first album proper.

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