From Out Of Nowhere (2009)

From Out Of Nowhere is a progressive dance single released as a free digital single in 2009. You can listen to and download it for free in your format of choice here.

During my final year at university, I became more and more interested in progressive dance music. I was, naturally, quite involved with working on my university final year work (which, for those interested, focussed heavily on the development of interactive/semi-interactive music systems in video games) and so did not have time to start working on a full-length release. As such, I decided to compromise: I would release a single, but use it as an opportunity to showcase some of my highly respected friends and peers by asking them to provide remixes. I asked my then housemate Al, prolific dance producer Avatar One and my good friend and talented musician/sound designer Tom Pritchard if they would be interested in producing some remixes for this release. I was quite surprised when all three agreed pretty much straight away, and I set about getting the single out there!

I came across the artwork of talented artist blue-a on Deviant Art as I was putting the single together and absolutely loved one piece of art in particular, which I would choose as the single cover. After a short-back and forth I was granted permission to use said piece as the cover art for the digital release.

This single represents my shifting tastes and influences throughout 2009, representing an independent snapshot of a particularly busy time ahead.

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