Lost In Silence (2010)

Lost In Silence is my first label-supported single release, and was released through solarSwarm in January 2010.

This is the very first release on the worlds very first – and only – social network record label. Solarstone is the only artist to have a label run and supported by a +100-strong commitee who choose all music and art! ‘Lost In Silence’ is the work of stunningly talented Huddersfield based producer Adam Fielding. The Original Mix fuses minimal progressive grooves with some deep, dark and gorgeously warm melodic touches. Estiva, the producer which solarSwarm members chose to remix the track, cranks up the octane and has turned this into a wonderful peak time trancer. Elfsong aka Styleclash is one of Hungary’s hottest exports, his remixes and productions for labels like Silk and Proton have earned him a stellar reputation this year, and this classy remix of ‘Lost In Silence’ is possibly his finest moment to date. If driving progressive trance grooves are your thing, then this is the mix for your floors. All in all we’re extremely proud to have pulled this first release out of the bag, the solarSwarm cogs are turning and the people have spoken!

Lost In Silence was originally written and produced around the same time as From Out Of Nowhere. Around this time (autumn 2009), Solarstone’s social network record label solarSwarm was about ready to get off of the ground and, unknown to me at the time, some of my tracks had somehow ended up in the hands of Rich Solarstone – which, obviously, was a really pleasant surprise! Rich got in touch with me directly, and I sent a few tracks over and Lost In Silence was chosen to be the label’s first release. With a solid selection of remixers selected by the Swarm (namely Elfsong and Estiva, whose remixes you can check out here and here), everything was ready to roll and Lost In Silence (SWARM001) was released in January 2010. This wouldn’t be my last collaboration with solarSwarm as I was drafted in to remix Avatar One‘s fantastic single Jacinta’s Voyage (SWARM009) in 2011.

You can find out more about the single and the solarSwarm label itself by checking out the solarSwarm site.

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