And All Is As It Should Be (2012)

And All Is As It Should Be is a full-length album of selected ambient works, released on the 9th July 2012 through Lost Language Recordings. You can listen to and buy it via the Lost Language page (including LCD version), iTunes, Amazon & Beatport.

Adam is no new kid on the block. After two self released albums he has released quality electronica on labels such as Distinctive, Play and Solarswarm. He has also used his writing and production skills in other projects, including sound design and freelance composition for bespoke projects for TV, film and commercials.

With his stunningly emotional and evocative ambient album-work “And All Is As It Should Be” Adam takes us on an journey to his ethereal and cinematic core. Filimic pads, soaring washes of sound, spine-tingling chord movements all tied up with a underlying sense of quiet purpose and musicality.

Shut the doors, lights out, stereo up and prepare to be enveloped.

Work on And All Is As It Should Be began during a brief period of downtime in 2011. I had long wanted to write a spiritual successor of sorts to my downtempo release The Dawn EP. To begin formulating the sort of direction I wanted to head in with this release, I decided to rework a selection of songs from my Lightfields album in a much more cinematic, downtempo style. This did not begin life as a project with a goal to receiving a wide release, it began as a project that I had been wanting to work with for a very, very long time for completely selfish reasons. As I continued re-working songs in a more downtempo style I quickly found myself getting more and more sucked into the project, continuing with the more organic aesthetic heard throughout Lightfields but with a much more cinematic edge.

I’ve long been a huge fan of ambient and downtempo electronic artists and genuinely felt that I had spent far too much time away from this particular genre – the idea of writing something both aesthetically pleasing and completely enveloping was far too appealing not to pursue, and in re-working several songs into this particular style I knew I needed to flesh things out properly with some new songs and emotional ideas. The title And All Is As It Should Be came completely naturally during the creation of the album and completely summed up the direction I was taking. The idea of things falling into place, emotional reflection and, ultimately, a contented sense of purpose were all themes I wanted to explore in this body of work, and the name sums that up quite aptly.

This is a rare instance where the production and recording of the album was a strictly streamlined process – normally I am more than happy to go crazy with a wide variety of sonic tools, but with this album I set about with an ear to focussing completely on the big picture rather than obsessing over the intricate details (although there was plenty of that going on, as well!). It is much more of a canvas-of-sound approach than my previous two full-length releases, and keeping things streamlined allowed me to get completely lost in a sonic stream-of-consciousness. Placing a heavier emphasis on acoustic instrumentation than I had previously employed on The Dawn EP allowed me to quickly capture the moods and ideas behind a particular piece, and lent itself well to what would become a deeply introspective album.

Upon completion of the album itself I sent it to a handful of friends who were incredibly enthusiastic about it. Based on this reception and after taking some time to think about it I decided that I absolutely wanted to give it a public release. I selected a modified version of a photograph of Huddersfield taken by my good friend Tom Pritchard which I decided to use as the cover art as it represented an integral element of the album: something vast, open and – in a sense – awe inspiring yet fondly familiar. Unlike my first two albums which had been released independently, I decided to approach the kind folks at Distinctive/MRC to see if they would be interested in the record. They agreed to a release through Lost Language (who I had previously performed remix duties for and whose output I already enjoyed greatly) and everything fell into place.

And All Is As It Should Be was released on 9th July 2012 through Lost Language Recordings.

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