Lightfields now available via Magnatune

Just a small update this time to let you know that Lightfields is now available to download/stream via Magnatune – which should be good news for subscribers (and for Linux users using Rhythmbox). I’m particularly fond of Magnatune and how they handled Distant Activity, so even if you’ve already picked up a copy of Lightfields I’d still highly recommend checking them out.

2 thoughts on “Lightfields now available via Magnatune

  1. Hey Adam!
    It’s me again (:

    Linux users using Rhythmbox? So you are refering to me?
    The truth is I find your songs by accident, I put the authors in alphabetical order (using rhythmbox, of course), and the name “Adam Fielding” struck me.
    Since then I have not stopped hearing your songs, and this new album is really good, are quiet and pleasant sounds.
    Keep making good music like you have made!
    Well, see ya, i send you a hug from México

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