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Distant Activity (DISN206) and Lightfields (DISN207) re-released through Distinctive

So, I decided to have a gander at the Distinctive website to see if there was any mention of my signing and, lo and behold, here we go!

What’s even nicer is that I’m sat next to Way Out West on the artists page… very, very cool!

But, on a more practical note, both Distant Activity and Lightfields have now been re-released through Distinctive. What does this mean for you? Well, at the moment, not a lot – they’ve both got Distinctive catalogue numbers, but the albums remain unchanged from their original iterations. I’m currently in the process of removing “my” versions of the albums from iTunes et al (mainly to avoid confusion, though both versions are identical), but I will continue to sell copies through Bandcamp – which means you can still grab physical copies of both albums if you so wish. However, I certainly won’t be making more physical copies of both albums so when they’re gone, they’re gone – every copy of Lightfields gets a little signature on the inside cover, and I can sign Distant Activity if you wish.

I’ve just finished working on my demo-track for the previously mentioned Reason-based patch design project I’ve been involved in, so I’ll be sharing that with you once the refill comes out.

2 thoughts on “Distant Activity (DISN206) and Lightfields (DISN207) re-released through Distinctive

  1. …. here we go … only few days since I’ve bought these two albums by Adam , they are here in Brooklyn, NY , blasting my speakers out.
    Thank you Adam so much. One word – incredible. Your are one heck of a musician. Thank you !

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