You might have noticed a few changes.

Hello there.

You might have noticed that I’ve gone and made some… “changes”… to the site. Why would I do such a thing, and what was wrong with the old site? Well… you might be pleased to know that this wasn’t done on a whim, and that there are more than a few good reasons for my deciding to switch to a more blog-esque site.

  1. Updating the old Flash site was a massive pain. Not only do I not have ready access to Flash since finishing university, but having to fire it up just to stick a new post on the site was massively inconvenient.
  2. Flash is not compatible with more than a few devices these days. Rather than exclude those users and continue using a Flash-based site, I decided to switch to this alternative. Yes, I am fully aware that the embedded Bandcamp players here use Flash – unfortunately, I really like the Bandcamp widgets and, until they release an HTML5 alternative, there’s not a huge amount I can do about that.
  3. The one-sidedness of my old site is something I had grown tired of. I want to hear from anyone who visits this site, and this allows everyone to get involved. Plus, because it’s a lot easier to update, I’ll be checking back a lot more often.
  4. I’ve got a new album coming up (no doubt I’ll be mentioning this a lot in the near future) so I figured now would be a great time to change things up a bit.

I’m sure I’ll be tinkering with the site some more as time goes by, but I’d love to know what you think. Anything missing that you’d like to see? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “You might have noticed a few changes.

  1. Hi Adam!!
    (sorry for my poor english, I’m mexican)
    I knew your music thanks to ubuntu 10.4
    rythmbox has a feature to listen music from magnatune
    so I listened to distant activity and its great
    definitely, i’ll buy your new album from

    well, see ya!

    1. Hi Omar, thanks for the comment – seems like a fair amount of people have come across my music using Rhythmbox. I haven’t given it a try myself, though I must admit I do like the idea of an open-source alternative to iTunes available on an open platform – so it’s great that people are discovering Magnatune via Rythmbox!

  2. Thanks for switching to a non flash site. I hate flash sites. There resource hogs and ones addons or settings can’t do there stuff.

    I love having HTML tags option for comments.

    What about adding that small album on band camp to Magnatune?

    1. Glad you like the new(ish) site! When you say small album, do you mean “From Out Of Nowhere” or “The Dawn EP”? It’s not something that really crossed my mind since the two of them are freely available from my Bandcamp page.

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